Dynamic gigapixel Image Registration

High-throughput serial histology imaging provides a new avenue for the routine study of micro-anatomical structures in a 3D space. However, the emergence of serial whole slide imaging poses a new registration challenge, as the gigapixel image size precludes the direct application of conventional registration techniques. In this paper, we develop a three-stage registration with multi-resolution mapping and propagation method to dynamically produce registered subvolumes from serial whole slide images. We validate our algorithm with gigapixel images of serial brain tumor sections and synthetic image volumes. The qualitative and quantitative assessment results demonstrate the efficacy of our approach and suggest its promise for 3D histology reconstruction analysis.

Rossetti BJ, Wang F, Zhang P, Teodoro G, Brat DJ, Kong J. Dynamic registration for gigapixel serial whole slide images. InProceedings. IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging 2017 Apr (Vol. 2017, p. 424). NIH Public Access.