Published: Thursday, Dec 7, 2017

Hello, Hugo

A brief note about the transition from WordPress to Hugo.

I don’t often have a chance to spend time on my website. I mostly make revisions when it is absolutely necessary. In fact, until today, I was hobbling along with a WordPress site that I threw together back in my grad school application days. I’ve never liked WordPress much. It’s always felt like the deluxe Swiss Army knife when all I really needed was a bottle opener.

When I got frustrated with my web host about a year ago, I decide to move my content to an Amazon S3 bucket. But since I was neck deep in course work at the time, I decided to simply migrate a static version of my existing website. That was a quick fix, but making updates from then on was basically a no go.

Enter Hugo

My new site is generated by Hugo. I’m a big fan of static websites, but not because of the usual reasons. I like being able to control all of the little knobs. Sure, the current version of my website is nothing pretty, but it will be getting better. I will be adding features and stylings as I go. For now, I have a working and easily updatable website.